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  2002 Sixth Annual Invitational Tournament

Peewees line up following competition

B.C. Team member Pam Ross of Courtenay Shito-Ryu, left, took gold against U.S. National Team member Dana Exum who won silver

Nigel Nikolaisen of Campbell River Shito-Ryu took gold in the male black belt (18+)

B.C. Team member Nigel Nikolaisen scores

Kids as young as eight and under took part in the kumite

Chief referee Fernando Correia presented four-year-old Isabelle Tully of Seattle with special award for being youngest in the tournament

Dana Exum from Northwest Karate-do in Everett, WA. fought Rosella Ng from Vancouver Shito-Ryu

Campbell River #9 with Nicole Tippenhauer, Nigel Nikolaisen and Kit Mellett took silver in team kata

Chris Ward won silver in kata

Casey Mills from North Sound Karate in Bellingham, WA


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