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First Degree Black Belt Curriculum
(6-12 years)

Students with a designated youth program are not permitted to grade to black belt ranks.

However, instructors may recommend that a youth student be permitted to transfer to an adult program if the instructors are confident that the youth is mentally, physically and technically prepared to do so.

If youth students do transfer to an adult program, they must learn the full adult curriculum appropriate to their rank as quickly as possible, and before being graded any further in the adult ranks.

Should anyone under the age of 16 be graded above brown belt, they must wear a red belt, and are not permitted to wear a black belt.

When red belt students turn 16, they may begin wearing a black belt immediately.

Youth Currriculum (6-12 years)   Adult Currriculum
White Belt   White Belt
Yellow Belt   Yellow Belt
Orange Belt   Orange Belt
Green Belt   Green Belt
Blue Belt   Blue Belt
Brown Belt   Brown Belt
First Degree Black Belt   First Degree Black Belt
    Second to Fifth Degree Black Belt
    Sixth to Eighth Degree Black Belt

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