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Orange Belt Curriculum


  1. Crescent Kick - from Informal Stance and Half Front Stance
  2. Inverted Roundhouse Kick - from Informal Stance and Half Front Stance

Basics/Basic Combinations

  • No new techniques


  1. Pinan Yodan
  2. Pinan Godan


  • No new techniques

Self Defense

  • continued application of self-defense techniques against single unarmed opponents

Requirement Time at This Rank

  • six months

Youth Currriculum (6-12 years)   Adult Currriculum
White Belt   White Belt
Yellow Belt   Yellow Belt
Orange Belt   Orange Belt
Green Belt   Green Belt
Blue Belt   Blue Belt
Brown Belt   Brown Belt
First Degree Black Belt   First Degree Black Belt
    Second to Fifth Degree Black Belt
    Sixth to Eighth Degree Black Belt


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