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Green Belt Curriculum


  1. Stomp Kick - from Informal Stance
  2. Hook Kick - single rotation from Natural Fighting Stance


  • No new techniques

Basics Free Combinations

  • Any and all of the limitless basics free combinations may be taught at this belt rank.
  • All basics free combinations at this level should emphasize minimum body movement and maximum body focus by eliminating the extension movements of the retracted hand, without reducing its focus.
  • There must be an emphasis on stance changes and body shifting.


  • Naihanchi


  • basic sparring with sport orientation
  • free sparring with sport orientation
  • use of hook kick

Self Defense

  • application of self-defense techniques against single and multiple unarmed opponents


  • introduction to application and interpretation of Shindo

Teaching Requirements

  • students at this rank should be prepared for limited teaching opportunities within beginner and intermediate classes.

Requirement Time at This Rank

Six months.

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