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Brown Belt Curriculum

Kicks/Basics/Basic Combinations/Basic Free Combinations/ Sparring/Self-Defense

  • repetition, refinement and emphasis of all previous techniques in preparation for black belt grading


  • Seishan


  • traditional weaponry
  • choice of traditional weapon
  • twirling and familiarization
  • rhythm movement
  • groundwork
  • weapon vs. empty-hand slow evasion
  • weapon vs. weapon slow sparring
  • hard singular & combination techniques


  • Handstand
  • Back Arch
  • Cartwheel

Teaching Requirements

  • students at this rank should be assisting and/or instructing beginner and/or intermediate classes if at all possible

Requirement Time at This Rank

  • one year

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Yellow Belt   Yellow Belt
Orange Belt   Orange Belt
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Blue Belt   Blue Belt
Brown Belt   Brown Belt
First Degree Black Belt   First Degree Black Belt
    Second to Fifth Degree Black Belt
    Sixth to Eighth Degree Black Belt


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