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Second to Fifth Degree Black Belt Curriculum


  • jumping style technique of ten basic kicks
  • differentiation between snap and thrust styles of kicking
  • variations and rarities of ten basic kicks

Basics/ Basic Combinations/ Basic Free Combinations

  • variations and rarities of:
    • regular basics
    • basic combinations
    • basic free combinations

    e.g. bent wrist block, downward pressing block


  • Bassai - 2nd degree black belt kata
  • Niseishi - 3rd degree black belt kata
  • Wanshu - 3rd degree black belt kata
  • Rohai - 4th degree black belt kata
  • Jitte - 5th degree black belt kata
  • Jion - 5th degree black belt kata

NB. While these six “accessory kata” have been placed in our curriculum, it should be understood that Master Otsuka taught them only to give his students kata with which they could compete in open style tournaments. He never included them as part of the Wado-Kai formal curriculum and always emphasized the teaching and training of the nine previous “primary” kata. Thus, these last six kata should always be viewed as “accessory” to the primary kata; they must be memorized, but not necessarily trained or understood with the same depth and intensity as the primary kata.


  • no new techniques


  • continued application of self-defense techniques against single and multiple armed and unarmed opponents

Weaponry/ Jujutsu/ Randori

  • no new techniques

Esoteric Techniques

  • breathing techniques
  • meditation/visualization techniques

Teaching Requirements

  • students at this rank must gain extensive teaching experience and be involved themselves deeply in the promotion of karate

Requirement Time at This Rank

  • two years at second degree black belt
  • three years at third degree black belt
  • four years at fourth degree black belt
  • five years at fifth degree black belt

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