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First Degree Black Belt Curriculum

Kicks/Basics/Basic Combinations/Basic Free Combinations

  • no new techniques


  • Chinto
  • formal interpretation of all nine primary katas


  • comfortable use of pre-arranged free sparring combinations
  • one step, three step, five step and ten step sparring
  • familiarization with Sports Karate rules and regulations


  • increased emphasis in training the application of self-defense techniques
  • application of self-defense techniques against multiple armed and unarmed opponents


  • application and interpretation of Shindo to Chinto kata
  • some experimentation with other weapons of choice


  • Further refinement of the three Classical Techniques
  • Practice of variations in classical posture, balance and movement


    • Throw - hip, hand, leg and sacrifice
    • Grappling - pinning, strangulation and joint manipulation
    • Break falls
  • Combining the above three into Randori - free practice

Teaching Requirements

  • Students at this rank must endeavour to acquire a broad range of teaching experience and ability, as well as an in-depth understanding of the history and uniqueness of the style.

Requirement Time at This Rank

  • two years

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