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Our Board

The board of directors currently consists of the president, vice-president and six directors – both elected and appointed.

The elected members serve two-year terms. Half the board is up for election on alternating years to ensure continuity.

President is Sensei Charles La Vertu.

Vice-president is Sensei Gerry Woloshyn who is also board secretary.

Directors include Saiko Shihan Greg Reid, Hachidan, the technical director; Sensei Erich Eichhorn, treasurer.


Sensei Charles La Vertu, Rokudan
President, Newsletter Committee chair, newsletter editor

Sensei Gerry Woloshyn, M Eng, Rokudan

Board secretary

Saiko Shihan Gregory Reid, Hachidan,  Technical Director
Sensei Erich Eichhorn, Rokudan
Yondan in Shindo
Grading Committee Chair
Sensei Darren Gauthier, Godan
Shodan Sumio Kiyooka, B.Sc.

Sensei Garrett Chase, Yondan,
Director at Large
Media Manager

Sensei Gary Wong, Sandan


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