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Sensei Wayne Duguay, Rokudan

Technical Committee

Sensei Wayne Duguay was born in Ontario into a bilingual home and speaks both English and French.

He moved to Vancouver Island in 1980. He began his martial arts training in Kung Fu (chin-lung) before beginning Karate.

He started training C.A.S.K. Karate in Jan.1985 under Saiko Shihan Sensei Greg Reid and Sensei Robert Reid.

Sensei Wayne spent seven years as the assistant instructor to the beginners program with Saiko Shihan Sensei Greg prior to moving to Campbell River.

Sensei Wayne has had the opportunity to also train some Shotokan and Goju Karate

He was entrusted with the responsibility of developing C.A.S.K. Karate in the northern zone of Vancouver Island.

He opened his own Karate school in Campbell River which has been running successfully for the past 14 years.

He has applied his Karate training in various ways like working in security, in the Play Rediscovering the River and demos.

Sensei Wayne spent many years on the C.A.S.K. demo team doing a wide variety of karate demonstrations throughout the Victoria area.

He continues to demonstrate in the local events in Campbell River, such as the children's festival, annual parade, many schools in the distinct, as well as the wellness fair.

In 1994, Sensei Wayne went to Japan with the Canadian team to compete in the World Wado-Kai Cup, and the World Open International at the Budo Kan in Tokyo.

Today Sensei Wayne holds a 6th degree black belt in Wado and a 4th degree in Shindo.

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