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Sensei Erich Eichhorn, Rokudan
Yondan in Shindo


Grading Committee chair

Sensei Erich began training Wado in 1983 with Saiko Shihan Greg Reid and Sensei Robert Reid, and on many occasions with the late Saiko Shihan Masaru Shintani.

Training and competing in traditional Wado across Canada and abroad, he was part of the Canadian team that took part in the 1994 World JKF Wado-Kai Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

He is still training with Shihan Reid as his senior student.

Sensei Erich has served as treasurer for Wado Canada since the organization’s inception, and sits as chairperson of the grading committee for the organization. He is also a member of the technical board.

He is with a major Victoria automobile dealership, is married and has two children.

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