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Sensei Bob Reid, Shishidan

Technical Committee

Born on August 14th, 1957, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, he spent a number of years as a young boy practicing a variety of martial arts, before immigrating to Canada in August, 1974.

I began my formal training in the Fall of Ď74, after a great deal of looking around and researching different styles and several clubs.

On November 21st, 1975, I was granted my yellow belt, and on August 18th, 1979, my Shodan. I was on the tournament demonstration team for several years; however, my interests were towards the art form, i.e., Kata and Taisabaki.

My love for the art began from the time I studied directly under Sensei Shintani, whose phenomenal physiology, overwhelming skills, and unconditional care for his dedicated students, drove me to train and live Karate. I knew that my aim was beyond reach even to come close to Senseiís skills, but I had to train towards that level.

I was also privileged to have trained under Master Hinori Otsuka, the founder of Wado, and his son, Master Jiro Otsuka. That experience is one that many karate-ka can only dream of, and one that greatly enhanced my personal growth.

Sensei Greg and I ran the CASK karate school in Welland, Ontario, which I left to move to Victoria, BC, in the summer of 1980. I started CASK at Sundance Elementary School in Oak Bay. My philosophy is very simple - train pure, train for you, train hard and help others.

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