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About Us

The Wado Karate Association of Canada is a federally-incorporated non-profit society established in 1996 to teach Wado karate and physical well-being and fitness, and to promote the growth of Wado karate.

It was formed in response to the demand for an authentic national organization in Canada to preserve for future generations the heritage of Wado karate as founded in Japan in 1934 by Grand Master Hironori Otsuka.

Wado Canada was also tasked by the late Top Master Masaru Shintani to work towards the advancement of karate together with other karate groups throughout the world.

Top Master Shintani was appointed supreme instructor and head of Wado karate in North America in 1968 by Grand Master Otsuka. In 1996, Saiko Shihan Greg Reid was named by Top Master Shintani as his successor in Wado Karate-do worldwide as well as supreme instructor.

The Wado Canada is not affiliated with any other organization.

Membership gives access to belt rank gradings, sports insurance, Master’s seminars, newsletters, competitions, instructors and officials certification, plus much more.

Wado Canada oversees the teaching of traditional Wado karate according to the curriculum established by its technical committee, headed by technical director Saiko Shihan Reid, 8th Dan.

Top Master Shintani personally validated the certificates and Dan gradings of Sensei Reid and all senior black belts.

In keeping with the character of a federation, each school operates independently, yet all are bound by the common ideals set forth in the Wado Canada constitution.

Wado Canada provides Kyu and Dan standards to all member dojos. Kyu gradings are the responsibility of each dojo, and certificates are issued by Wado Canada. Kyu grading fees are determined independently by each dojo, and a nominal fee is paid to Wado Canada.

The Wado Canada grading board performs Dan gradings and the technical director signs all Dan certificates at the time of issue.

The executive, consisting of the president, vice-president and directors, is elected at the annual general meeting for two-year terms. Committees carry out the major activities of the association.

Wado Canada wants to be in harmony with all Karate styles and organizations. New members are always welcome.


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