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Wado Canada Promo, Filmed at C.A.S.K., Cayman Islands

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What's New?

Shintani Wado Karate Kata DVD Video

Filmed in 2013 in the Cayman Islands and in partnership with C.A.S.K. Cayman Islands, Wado Canada presents: Shintani Wado Karate Kata. This DVD video learning resource contains over 240 minutes of HD video. The 9 'primary' kata of Wado are filmed from front and back views, contain audio commentary and move-by-move technical explanation. Also included are the 6 'accessory' kata and 'chinto with shindo'. This is a great supplement to the kata text book "Wado Kai Karate Kata" by Shintani and Reid.

The DVD is now available for Canadian and International purchase online for only $40.00 CDN through our partner website,

Click the link below and register in order to purchase.



The Book on CD



The Wado Karate Association of Canada is a federally-incorporated non-profit society established in 1996 for the promotion, preservation and longevity of Wado Karate-do in memory of founder Grand Master Hironori Otsuka.



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